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Handling of personal information

SAMADHI Co., Ltd. properly handles personal information as described below in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy.

Article 1 (Name of Business Operator)


Article 2 (Chief Privacy Officer)

Administrative Manager of SAMADHI Co., Ltd.

Article 3 (Purpose of Use)

We use the obtained personal information for the purpose of use as below:

3.1 Obtaining personal information via documents (such as via our webpage and e-mail) from a user
Types of Personal Information Purpose of Use
1. Information about relevant stakeholders such as educational institutions, companies, and organizations that use TAO (The Admissions Office) services. (1) Provision of TAO services
(2) Delivery of notices and other information related to the use of TAO service
(3) Contacting users with regard to conclusion of the contract and the invoice for service fees
2. TAO user information (1) Personal authentication and provision of web application services at TAO
(2) Delivery of notices and other information related to the use of TAO service
(3) Providing personal information to educational institutions, businesses, organizations, and affiliated companies that use our cloud services (hereinafter. "Organizations") in order for users to appeal to Organizations for further education and employment.
(4) Delivery and display of advertisements and contents based on attribute information, terminal information, location information, activity history, etc.

Article 4 (Legal basis for obtainment and use of personal information)

We obtain and use personal information based on the following legal grounds:

  • Agreement from a user
  • Fulfilment of our service contracts
  • Compliance with legal obligations
  • Our legitimate interests

Article 5 (Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party)

We will not provide any obtained personal information to a third party except with the user's consent or in accordance with laws and regulations.

Article 6 (Entrustment of Handling of Personal Information)

We may entrust the handling of all or part of the obtained personal information. When entrusting, we will select a person/entity who satisfies the sufficient level of protection and will take appropriate measures in accordance with the contract to be concluded.

Article 7 (Transfer of Personal Information Data)

In principle, we handle personal information in Japan. Personal information relating to persons residing outside Japan will be transferred in accordance with applicable laws such as the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

Article 8 (Retention and Management of Personal Information)

We will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and rectify leakage, loss, or damage of obtained personal information and to safely manage such information. Personal information whose purpose of use has come to a close and the specified retention period has expired are deleted or made unidentifiable in a secure manner.

Article 9 (Disclosure of Personal Information, Complaints, Inquiries)

[Inquires for Personal Information]

Please contact us below if you request notice of purpose of use; disclosure; correction, addition, and deletion of details; suspension of use; or deletion (hereinafter "Disclosure, etc.") of the personal information to be disclosed (as described in 3.1 above) that we hold, or if you have any other complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of Personal Information.

Hideko Muto, Personal Information Assistant Officer

Please refer to the " Procedures for Requesting Disclosure of Personal Data" for detail steps.

Article 10 (Notes to be Taken when Providing Personal Information)

Users may provide their personal information at their own discretion, but if they fail to provide us with such information, we may not be able to provide appropriate services.

Article 11 (Withdrawal of Consent)

In the event the legal basis for the obtainment and use of personal information is based on the agreement of users, the agreement may be withdrawn at any time. Provided, however, that in the event an applicant for our services withdraws their agreement, they will not be able to receive such services.

Article 12 (Obtainment of Personal Information through Means that Cannot Be Easily Recognized by Users)

We do not use cookies, web beacons, or other means to obtain personal information in a manner that is not easily recognizable to users.