Notice of Summer Holidays

Be a street-smart engineer!

KUAS (Kyoto University of Advanced Science) features a multidisciplinary engineering program with close ties to the manufacturing industry in a country that is globally acclaimed for its engineering ingenuity. The KUAS Faculty of Engineering represents an all-new, all-English model for engineering education in Japan. Lectures are conducted by a diverse, international lineup of professors and focus on the technology that will help to shape our future—electric vehicles, drones, robots, AI, machinery, motor-related solutions, power generation systems, and much more.

To create state-of-the-art technology, it is essential to provide state-of-the-art education. That is why the ultimate goal of the KUAS Faculty of Engineering is to provide students with immediately applicable real-world skills that allow them to excel in the modern world of engineering. The KUAS Faculty of Engineering offers a “Capstone Project” to all students during their third and fourth years, which provides students with hands-on experience while working with a team to tackle real-world challenges provided by real tech companies.

Furthermore, to support student innovation, KUAS’ new Engineering Building is equipped with all of the latest facilities, and students are free to use them to experiment and prototype new ideas whenever they want. Students will learn the importance of combining knowledge from many different fields while discussing their ideas with a diverse range of peers and professors.

One of KUAS’ key objectives is to prepare students to work in a global market, and all international students at KUAS are provided with intensive Japanese language courses to broaden their cultural perspectives and future career choices. Graduates cultivated by our program will be global street-smart engineers, ready to make an immediate impact in Japan or anywhere else they choose to pursue their dreams.