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Department of Mechanical and Electrical System Engineering Details

Be a street-smart engineer.

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) features an engineering program with close ties to the manufacturing industry, in a country that is globally acclaimed for its engineering ingenuity. This is an all-new, all-English program of engineering.
With a team of internationally distinguished faculty members and active professional engineers, the program will begin accepting students in September 2021. Focusing on the technology that will help shape our future—electric vehicles, drones, robots, AI, machinery, motor-related solutions, power generation systems and much more - we will welcome the next generation of engineers to Kyoto.
To create state-of-the-art technology, it is essential to provide state-of-the-art education. That is why KUAS has created a program with the ultimate goal of providing an education that equips our students with the immediate, real-world skills needed to best function in the modern world of engineering.