It is Time for our University to Be Reborn

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) is an accredited four-year private university which was founded in 1969 in Kameoka City in the west of Kyoto Prefecture. In addition to this, KUAS has recently established a new campus in Uzumasa, Kyoto City.
In 2018, KUAS welcomed Shigenobu Nagamori, the founder of Nidec Corporation, as its new chairman. Nidec Corporation is the world's largest motor manufacturer and has strong ties to many high tech industries. In 2019, to commemorate its 50th anniversary, the university was given a new name.
Furthermore, in April of 2020, KUAS established the Faculty of Engineering where students can learn the most advanced technologies through a practical study program. At KUAS’s Faculty of Engineering, students will be able to study a wide range of engineering fields and prepare themselves to compete on the global stage.

The kind of human resources who will create the innovations of the future are in high demand all over the world. KUAS will provide its students a professional and practical education to help them grow into leaders of innovation and ensure that they are capable of taking on the diverse challenges that society faces.