Open up New Frontiers

The Kyoto University of Advanced Science Graduate School of Engineering seeks to directly address the technological challenges brought on by rapid social and industrial reform. At KUAS, our faculty and staff seek to nurture engineers with superior skills and knowledge so that they can become the next century’s leaders in science and technology.

All graduate engineering students at KUAS belong to a research laboratory and learn in an “on-the-job” environment under globally active professors and industry professionals. This method, matched with cutting-edge facilities, is ideal for developing students into specialists in fields including power control systems, devices, motors, and more.

In the Master’s Program, students can gain advanced knowledge and expertise in areas such as electrical, electronic, mechanical, and electrochemical engineering, all of which are indispensable to future professionals working in electromechanical fields.
In the Doctoral program, students will acquire greater competency in developing their problem-solving skills based on a variety of academic trends and social demands while also gaining a sophisticated understanding of and expertise in the field of electromechanical systems.

The KUAS engineering graduate programs aim to transcend conventional methods of education and transition to a comprehensive approach where students establish new systems and concepts based on multiple truths from different academic disciplines. At KUAS, it is our mission to nurture these comprehensive thinkers and enable them to create new technology platforms for decades to come.