Notice of Summer Holidays


This school is not a university; it is a specialized training college.
You must have studied at a Japanese language school for at least one year and six months to enter this school.
We recommend that you first study at a Japanese language school.

About this school

Kyushu techno college was established in 1922 as an upper secondary specialized training school of bookkeeping.
While taking root in Kitakyushu City to contribute to the local community, the school has continued to evolve with the times and nurture human resources capable of playing an active role in society.
Since the introduction of the university transfer system in 2002, the school has without interruption for 20 years been producing successful applicants who have transferred to national and public universities. In addition to transferring to liberal arts universities, we are the only specialized training college in Kyushu that enables students to transfer to science universities.
Unlike most university entrance examinations, the university transfer system allows students to apply to multiple universities throughout Japan that offer transfer examinations. Since there is more than one university you can apply to, you will be able to broaden your perspective in choosing a university through your studies at the college.