Help for applicants

About application


The button is only displayed during the application period. If it does not appear after the start of application, please try reloading the screen.

If you have already started your application, you can proceed to the "Applications" page to complete the documents for the relevant application.

The button remains hidden even after the application is complete. Please make sure that the badge displayed on the entry name does not show "Application completed".


Please make sure of the following:

⚪All required fields are entered.

Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required. Be sure to enter all the information.

⚪Do you meet the requirements for each field?

Each field may have entry restrictions, such as character limits or formatting. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the information.

If everything is entered correctly and no errors are shown on the screen, but you are still unable to save, please contact us at .


When all the required documents are complete, you can click "Complete my application" button.

Make sure that all required documents have been completed. You can check the progress of your documents from the sidebar when you are browsing on a PC, or from the menu at the top when you are browsing on a smartphone.


Your application will be received with the information you entered.

After completion, all the documents you have completed cannot be changed except for some additional documents. If you complete the form without completing the information, you will not be able to make a new entry.

Please make sure that the information is correct before completing the application.

Click here for additional documents.


No changes can be made to the documents after the application has been completed. Please contact the school if necessary.


All the information you have entered so far will be cleared.

If you start the application again, a new process will be started. Please note that your data after the cancellation of your application will not be restored.

If you have already paid the application fee, please contact the school if necessary.