Help for recommenders/requestees

About email request


You will be required to prepare documents as follows:

  1. Register as a "Recommender / Requestee" and access the page.
  2. The "List of documents prepared by person other than applicant" displays a list of requests from the requestor. Open the ones you wish to complete from the list.
  3. Complete each document and save the contents. There may be more than one document available for submission.
  4. Once all the documents have been "Completed", click "Submit request" to complete the process.

You also have the option to "Decline this request".
Click here to read the "Decline this request".


Because the request has been canceled by the requestor themself. If you have received a new request, please respond to that one. Otherwise, no new action will be required.

⚪️After receiving a request as a recommender / requestee, you have changed your email address before registering as a member.

The documents will be linked to the email address provided when you were requested as a recommender / requestee. Therefore, if you register as a member with a different email address than the one used when you were requested as a recommender/recipient, you will not be able to open the request.

You will need to contact the requester and "cancel the request to the old email address" and "send the request to the new email address" respectively.