Help for applicants

About Documentation Request Form


It is a document to request a third party to prepare documents that are part of the required documents for the application. You will need to submit the required number of this document by making a request to The Admissions Office (TAO).

If the prepared by person other than applicant is set as the requirement for application, the applicant is not able to complete the application until the requestee completes the submission of the requested document. Please take note of the application deadlines.


This is the maximum number of requests that can be made to a third party of a single document.
For example, when the "Maximum number allowed is 3" and the "required number is 1", you can make a request to up to three people, and if at least one of them responds to your request, you will have fulfilled the document's requirement.

If the number of requests with pending response reaches its limit, no new requests can be made. If you want to make a new request, you need to cancel unsubmitted requests before doing so.

If you receive the required number of requests, there is no need to meet the maximum number.


TAO does not facilitate communication between applicants and requestees. Applicants are responsible for contacting the requestees.

If you can't get in touch with a requestee, etc., you can cancel the request and make a new request to another person.

  • The school must approve the reuse of your document prepared by person other than applicant you have used for other entries.
  • The applicant must have completed the application for the relevant entry.

If the above conditions are met, the document prepared by person other than applicant can be reused.

If you reuse your document prepared by person other than applicant, you can be exempt from requesting a third party for that application. If you wish to make a request to a different person or change the content of your request, you must make a new request instead of reusing the document prepared by person other than applicant.


Please click here to check your email settings and share the information with the requestee.

It is also recommended that you "cancel the request" and try again after changing your email settings.